organizational leadership


Leveraging leadership capacity is the cornerstone of organizational capability. Cultivating and harnessing leadership potential and passion is the competitive advantage of market leaders.

We are acknowledged thought leaders in the field of leadership potential development. Based on innovative learning principles, we combine outstanding design capabilities with exceptional facilitation skills.

We create dynamic, fast-paced, and fun leadership development programs that result in meaningful and actionable plans. We build in metrics to assess program success for participants and for the organization as a whole.

  • Organization-wide leadership interventions including holistic leadership, innovative thinking, accelerating cultural transformation and adjusting to changing environments.
  • Custom training for business units and intact teams to build engagement and alignment to a common direction.
  • Innovative approaches to build leadership capacity in business strategy, cross-functional leadership, change management, and people management.
  • Executive coaching and feedback to leaders to enable personal and professional growth.
  • In-depth leadership assessment processes which provides insight into the development of your leadership talent.

Please view these thoughtful videos of Dr. David Weiss
as he presents ideas from his books The Leadership Gap and Innovative Intelligence.

Dr David Weiss explains: why do we need leaders who are Leaders of Innovation?

Dr David Weiss explains: why emotional intelligence is essential for leaders?


of Interest...

The Leadership Gap
By David S. Weiss and Vince Molinaro, (Wiley, 2005).

Leadership Solutions 
    By David S. Weiss, Vince
Molinaro, and Liane Davey,
(Jossey-Bass, 2007)